Stay true to you

I was working with a client today, retooling her Personal Positioning Statement and she absolutely LIT UP when we were finished? Why? Because, in her words…’THIS IS ME’!

This got me thinking about how many people these days are forsaking authenticity for opportunity.

Our goal today was to help her to get clear on the role she really wants. Yes, you can do this and yes, you can do that. You’re experienced and you’ve probably done a lot.

But what do you REALLY want to be doing?

We found clarity using three simple questions – and my hope here is that you will too.

How do you want to be spending your time? This is not an easy question. This is what we in sales call a high gain question. Thinking about this will cause you to pause, think and really evaluate how you feel. Struggling with this one? Good, this means your answer will reflect the real you.

2. What have you done in your past (and go as far back as you’d like) that will help you thrive in this role?
How do you know that your answer to question #1 is true? Probably because you’ve done it. And you’ve done it well. I’ll also bet that people in your network have commented on this skill. So, think about and write down when you’ve felt the most alive at work. What were you doing at the time? And make sure you include the end result to make it persuasive.

3. Who or what is your ideal company?
Again, we look through the lens of….in my IDEAL world, who do I want to be working with? What kind of organization? Corporate? Association? Foundation? Small? Large? Local? Global? Once you have these answers, you can start strategically networking rather then chasing every opportunity that comes your way.

Authenticity and fine tuning your personal positioning statement are part of our Power of Persuasion Series. Pre-recorded and live sessions are avaialable to you to get started today.

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