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My mission is quite simple. I aim to empower, educate and inspire.  I believe in stepping into your strengths, recognizing the true value of your talent and owning your authenticity to communicate with certainty, clarity and confidence.  This is how you truly thrive at work.   My energy is contagious and my passion for empowerment is a competitive advantage.

I want to inspire everyone, so let’s talk.

Nancy Medoff

Nancy Medoff


Nancy Medoff, Founder & Principal

About Me

A confidence and influence expert, I teach professionals how to communicate their value when the stakes are high.   This could mean more clients, faster promotions, better projects, higher salary, more resources for your teams, or simply being recognized for your value.

I do this by sharing advanced persuasion techniques which can be used in any situation to get and keep the attention of the people who matter and be more powerful in the room.

Leveraging thirty years of expertise in leading global sales teams, my workshops combine practical management, interactive training, authenticity and insightful motivation. As a result, the professionals who work with me learn unique, proven persuasion techniques from a seasoned professional who knows what it takes to get and keep a seat at the table.

My consulting and speaking engagements have taken me across the U.S. and Europe, creating and leading workshops around: Unmute Yourself & Speak up to Stand Out, The Persuasion Equation©, The Female Edge in Negotiations, Creating a Winning Sales Culture, and High Stakes Personal Branding.  My loyal clients are raving fans and range from the world’s largest pharmaceutical company to several independent and national hotel companies, major industry associations as well as mid-size and smaller firms. My straight-shooting approach is equally as effective in large, small or one on one sessions.

I am a Professor of Persuasion at Boston University, enjoying my eighth year as an adjunct professor teaching Strategic Marketing and Sales Strategy.  I’ve also served as founding program chair and keynote speaker for Boston University’s Women’s Leadership Conference.

When I’m not working…

An indoor cycle enthusiast and two-time marathoner, I view life as an ongoing journey to pursue one’s passions and pay it forward. I live these beliefs every day by empowering women to step into their strengths and in doing I’m creating an army of confident, inspired ninjas.