Love Your LinkedIn

Do you love your LinkedIn? Is your headline memorable?  Do you have a sense of pride when you look at your profile? Or, do you cringe?  Think “meh, its fine” or even worse…when’s the last time you really sat down and updated your information?   If you do one thing today, take a look at your LinkedIn headline.

A powerful and persuasive LinkedIn headline is a game changer and the single most important tool to differentiate yourself in a sea of sameness.   Think of your headline as your personal positioning statement.  Who you are. What you do. And, most important – why you.

These three tips below will help ensure you are differentiating yourself in a sea of sameness and get you closer to landing the coveted interview.  Not looking? No problem – but still, take a look.  The next greatest career of your life could be right around the corner.

  1. Tone: Think about your tone and don’t be afraid to have some fun. Be authentic. Be you. Again, the key here is to stand out and get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.    Naturally you want to project a professional image and in this case creativity can be combined with professionalism for a headline that will pop.
  1. Key words: using key words is well…key. However, it’s a balance between using common job criteria phrases in order to show up in searches, and spicing up your headline to show what makes you unique. “Results oriented, driven, proven success in building teams, etc. etc. etc.”- these are a few of the most overused and unexciting phrases on LinkedIn. Take them out and find another creative way to describe your value and what makes you UNIQUE.  No really, take them out.
  1. Practice.  Practice. Then practice again.  Practice saying your headline.  It would be a shame to put all this thought and effort into how you want to position yourself and then just let it sit there.  You can and should repurpose your personal positioning statement almost everywhere. Your cover letters, bio, skills summary, elevator pitch and introduction when networking…the list is endless.  So, practice. The more you practice, the more you will communicate with certainty, clarity and confidence. You’ve taken it this far- now pull this through everywhere to make yourself memorable.

I’ve included catchy headline samples here from different industries and varying degrees of fun. Naturally yours should be authentic and position you for the job you really want.

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